Business Security

Business Security System

The business security systems that Anozira Security offers have many great features and applications that can help you feel more secure that your place of business is protected with the upmost security and care. These features include:

  • Business Insights
  • Anozira Security can monitor any and all activity at your place of business across multiple locations, where you can obtain any-time reports to track operational metrics such as the opening and closing times for your place of business.

  • Real-time Alerts
  • Anozira Security can provide the needed notifications for activities you care about, like whether your place of business opened on time, who disarmed your business security system, and if a secure area was accessed.

  • Advanced Security
  • With automatic and remote arming, your place of business will never be left unprotected. Anozira Security can provide user-specific access codes to let you see who disarmed the system and remove access whenever needed.

  • Energy Management
  • Anozira Security can ensure your place of business is comfortable when it’s open and saving the necessary energy when it’s closed. Anozira Security can also allow your thermostat to adjust automatically and be notified if anyone else makes a change.

  • Commercial Video
  • Watch live and recorded video from your computer or smartphone. Our best-in-class cameras and offsite, cloud-based storage ensure your footage is secure and safe from tampering.

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