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Home Security System

The home security systems that Anozira Security offers have many great features and applications that can help you feel more secure that your home is protected with the upmost security and care. These features include:

  • Dedicated Connection
  • Anozira Security can provide a dedicated cellular connection, so that your home or property will be secure even if your phone line is cut, the power is out, or the Internet goes down.

  • Proactive Safeguards
  • Anozira Security can set up the necessary safeguards so that you can receive a notification if you or someone else has forgotten to arm your security system and always know if an alarm is triggered. Anozira Security can even send life-saving alerts to residents in the path of weather-related danger.

  • Trusted Solutions
  • Anozira Security can give you the peace of mind in knowing that your home or property has 24/7 professional monitoring, and technology powered by Alarm.com - the leading Smart Home Security platform used by over 2 million people.

  • Awareness & Control
  • Anozira Security can show you how to arm or disarm your system remotely, and get alerts to notify you of activities you care about, like when your kids come home or if a door has been left open.

  • Visual Verification
  • Anozira Security can help you to see what’s causing motion at your property. The wireless Image Sensor, powered by Alarm.com, snaps a photo when it detects motion, and sends it to you in real time.

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